Alan Konell Hypnotherapy


I attended Alan’s weight loss hypnosis sessions and had great results.  He was patient and answered all of my questions.  The bi-weekly recordings help to reinforce the new/good eating and exercising habits.  I would refer him to anyone truly interested in adopting healthy habits for life!  CK
Thanks and all the best!
-Chris K

I have attended both individual and group weight loss hypnosis sessions with Alan Konell, and had a wonderful experience with both.  Weight loss is not something that happens overnight, but Mr. Konell was able to help me re-frame my view of myself, particularly with regard to my actions surrounding food and exercise.   Before working with him, I was able to lose weight on various diets or exercise plans, but I could not create consistent, lasting results.  Now, having worked with Mr. Konell, I feel my battle with fitness and weight loss has been won, because he has helped me change my view of myself and my approach.  Life throws us good and bad times, but being able to reach from within and stay on course is a real gift.  He has helped me tap that strength that I did not know I had within me.  

Thanks so much, Mr. Konell! 

-Brenda S

I found the sessions to be  not only effective but much more than expected. The sessions and recordings are  relaxing, soothing , and provide an excellent way to re-focus my energies and thoughts. This has helped me in many ways, not just with my weight loss efforts.  

-Rita H 

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my experience with Alan Konell.  Sure, I was a little nervous at first, I had never visited a hypnotherapist before…but Alan put me at ease.  After just one visit, I have already lost over 30 lbs!  No diets, just common sense!  Alan “suggested” to me during our session that I knew the right way to eat to be healthy and that’s all I needed.  I feel so great and everyone has noticed how much better (and happier) I look.  I am excited to have more visits with Alan to see what positive changes are next!
-Leslie S.

“Hi Alan, just want to let you know that as of today I'm down 60 pounds! my appetite started increasing last week so I listened to the audio and now my appetite is back under control.  I can't believe the transformation.  I have referred several people to you including my son I hope they all followed up.”

Thank you Alan

-Leslie S

Hi Alan,

I had 4 amazing flights in my trip to Madison and it's all thanks to you. I was like a rock and I was sober. :). I can already hear you telling me it's not magic but that is what it felt like. I was so proud of myself.  I don't think it's overreaching to say this was a life changing experience.  I'm suddenly not terrified of flying so we can plan more vacations. I really thank you enough!
-Michelle S. 

Working with Alan has changed my life in so many positive ways. I have been able to let go of negative influences more effectively and easily than I would have previously thought possible. It has strengthened all of of my personal relationships and given me trust and confidence in myself to continue to build a more positive and complete way of living every day.