Alan Konell Hypnotherapy

Special Programs


Weight loss and control program:

In a carefully designed series of sessions Alan will help you to:

1) Stop emotional eating. No longer rely on using food to feel good, and instead use your natural intelligence and abilities to feel better.

2) Develop the discipline and habit of exercise, as you exercise your right to a healthy body. Discover the secrets that keep healthy habits going.

3) Interrupt those harmful cravings. Learn to appreciate the foods that you know are actually good for you, and eradicate your addiction to those damaging foods that can rule your life.

4) Obliterate those old restrictive and limiting associations with being fat from your past. Transform your past from that ball and chain that holds you back into the springboard for your wonderful thinner future that is coming.

5) Think like a thin person – being thin is more than losing weight. Develop the choice-making abilities that people who successfully control their weight utilize.

6) Create a compelling future you -- one who will be your best health coach ever! Use your unconscious mind to supercharge the Law of Attraction as you feel yourself forward into a wonderful future. You don’t have to lose weight to feel good – you can feel good first to lose weight.

7) Learn the secrets to keeping it off that few know and noone ever tells you.




Pain Control and Healing Chronic Pain


When I first began my hypnosis practice in Chapel Hill, I had a lot of free time on my hands. I decided to volunteer for Hospice, and whenever they had a patient who was in so much pain that the amount of medication needed to ease the pain turned them into a zombie, they called me in. I would make a home visit and in one or two sessions the pain medications could be reduced without any increase in their pain. Subsequently, I received numerous calls from grateful surviving relatives who told me that I had helped make the final weeks for the deceased and their caretakers a much more palatable and less painful experience.

Then in the late 80’s I healed my own chronic lower back pain using the processes in this program and began working with those suffering with migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, back pain and other forms of chronic pain. For years I worked closely with The University of North Carolina Neurology Headache Clinic and I have been able to help many patients recover fully or seriously reduce their pain. I recently published a book, The Six Week Pain Solution: A Radically Effective New Approach to Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Migraines and More, describing my protocol. If you’re suffering from pain, whether acute or chronic, I can help you to at least significantly reduce, if not eliminate, your pain experience. One of my greatest pleasures is witnessing clients who have been suffering for years get their life back.



Maximum Test Performance

I originally developed this program to help my two daughters and their boyfriends through college and graduate school. The first semester after they listened to the program the lowest grade any of them got in any class was an A- and there was only one of those. Every other grade was an A. Since then I have helped students do better in their LSAT’s, SAT’s and other standardized tests than they ever suspected they could. One student who did much better than he anticipated in his LSAT’s told me that when he entered the testing room and looked around he noticed that he was the most relaxed person in the room. I’ve helped students pass their Bar Exams after law school and their Med Boards after medical school. And since then, and I’m going to brag a little bit, both my daughters completed Masters Degrees, graduating with 4.0’s.


So if you want to get those SAT or ACT scores that can get you into the school you really want to go to, achieve those LSAT scores to get you into a better law school or get the grades you really want with less work because of your improved focus and attention, and dramatically increased ability to retain information, then call to make an appointment. In addition to our live sessions, I give you a CD to listen to on a regular basis to reinforce your results.



Overcoming A Dental Phobia Or Fear


   I first worked on this when one of the teachers at my daughters’ school brought her 8 year old daughter in because of a very traumatic experience at the dentist’s. It had taken the dentist two hours to fix one cavity and she had a couple more to do. I saw her for only one session. (I can’t promise that one session is enough for everyone – adults often aren’t as quick on the uptake as children) I used an NLP technique along with hypnosis, and a week later I got a call from her dentist wanting to know what I had done to her. The dentist said that when she approached my client with the needle filled with anesthetic, instead of screaming like she had the first time, she started giggling. The procedure went smoothly and the dentist decided to come see me to get help with some problems she was having. If you have a dental phobia or an inordinate amount of fear in anticipation or while in the dentist’s office, then know that in a brief time the only problem with the dentist can be the time spent and the expense. Won’t that be wonderful?!!


Birthing With Hypnosis

During this 4-session series, the birth mother will learn to use self-hypnosis to:

1) Reduce Pain by Using Hypnotic  Anesthesia

2) Clear Away Anxieties and  Fears

3) Learn to Quickly and Deeply Relax

4) Increase Confidence and Calmness

                              5) Mentally Prepare for the Labor and Delivery You Want